Personal Assistant

If you are motivated, spirited and extremely organized (really just love helping someone get it done), we are looking for you!
The personal assistant will work directly with Anisa and Casey to help keep their busy schedule in order!

The Personal Assistant will be responsible for:
- Estimates: Assist in taking notes and entering in data & pricing (in excel or numbers) to generate estimate for clients
- Time Management: Arrange and coordinate meetings, events and daily schedules
- Client & Contractor Communication: Assist in screening, responding and distributing incoming communications
- Calendaring: Setting up meetings (time management)
- Managing Trade accounts (Setting up/Following up with)
- Basically... Whatever it takes to help keep Anisa and Casey's crazy work/life in order!

What we’d like to see:
- 2 years experience; or ability to demonstrate rockstar potential in this role. 
- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- Strong skills in Excel/Numbers (apple)
- Organizational and planning skills
- Strong attention to detail
- Judgment and decision-making ability
- Ability to take initiative and be a team player
- ALWAYS pleasant to be around! 

The Commitment:
This is a part-time position, paid at an hourly rate, and we’re looking for around 20-25 hr/week minimum commitment.
As we grow this job will grow.  The eventual goal being full time.

Who You Answer to and personal specifics:
- You will be responsible to Anisa & Casey directly.
- Not involved in personal or business finances; you will be paid by T&C Business Administrator
- Not over or directing designers; will communicate with designers and be over any interns
- Next Day schedule will need to be updated before previous morning 

How To Apply:
- Submit form below or Email with the subject “Personal Assistant – [your name]”.
- Submit a video of yourself answering 2 questions: 

  1. What are you most excited about with this opportunity?
  2. In your opinion, what are your strengths and weaknesses?

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