Bringing in Fall

“Our tree-lined streets are set ablaze,
our kitchens filled with the smells of nostalgia: apples bubbling into sauce, roasting squash, cinnamon, nutmeg, cider, warmth itself."

- Shauna Niequest

Ahhhh, October is here! Our biggest tip for decorating for fall inside your own home, is to bring in elements & feels that are special to you. What do you associate fall with?
What takes you right to those sweet memories?

How to bring in a cozy fall feel without going overboard:



- Use pumpkins in simple ways. Stacking, placing in nooks, and incorporating neutral flowers or greenery that wont steal the show.

Heirloom pumpkins are quite magical with their neutral tones , but if you’d rather stick with all traditional orange, those are always classic and you can never go wrong!

(If you don’t have heirloom pumpkins nearby – check out some awesome DIY versions like this one!)


- Use wall décor such as prints, that can be easily changed throughout each season, or base the colors within artwork to the season.

 [ brown tones during fall, evergreen tones during Christmas, blue tones during winter, and bright greens/fun colors during spring and summer ]

How cute is this fall canvas from Lindsay letters?!



-Display lanterns. They have a way of taking you back in time, while also creating a pretty ambiance. Perfect for hanging on hooks inside, or on the front porch.

We love these pictured to the left, from terrain! 



 -Bring the fall feel with scent. Essential oil diffuser blends are a chemical free alternative, and will fill the house…. as if you spend all day baking pies. (yeah right. haha!)

Pumpkin Pie:                                            Spiced chai:

5 drops cinnamon                                 3 drops cardamom

1 drop clove                                        2 drops cinnamon

1 drop nutmeg                                    2 drops clove

                                                            1 drop ginger

-Display photos from past fall memories in dough bowls, or trays throughout your home. It is always special to see some of your favorite memories displayed.
Favorite place to print is Artifact Uprising!



It’s truly all about keeping it simple, and mixing in natural décor with textures like woods and galvanized metals. We hope you have the best of times this fall!


Kid Lively vs. Kid Friendly Homes

Our homes are not display cases of pretty things. Of course we love beautiful items, but homes are where real life happens. Where families come together, and memories are created.

You always hear the term “kid-friendly” added onto things. Almost like it’s never really about the kids, but only to make them feel like they can be a part. We want to go beyond that for the family, and create kid lively spaces, because they need to thrive within these walls too.

We’ve compiled some simple tips on how to create this within your own home:

1 - In a main living space where your family spends the most time, create a spot where your kids can have a desk space. A great area for homework, crafts, and to store supplies. You can place it behind a sofa as a console table, or create a built in desk at a window area.

2 - Choose furniture that is not too precious to be able to enjoy. Slipcovered sofas are pretty amazing for kiddos. We recommend fabric blends, as they can be a bit easier to clean.

A little mess comes out in a wash or with upholstery cleaner. (shamelss plug, our favorite is this Murchison Hume one.)



We also love distressed textures for places like coffee tables. It’s great for games, markers, & eating.  Real life only adds to the character! 

This one pictured is from Restoration Hardware, unfortunately it is discontinued. But we also love this rustic wood coffee table. 



3- Use lounge style comfy seating in different nooks and spaces throughout the home. It gives them a go to spot to watch a movie or read a book. Comfy beanbags, poufs, & cushions give them their own cozy spaces.

4. Fill the walls with encouraging & life giving words and signage. They will grow up reading these words. Whether it’s something special you tell them when they go to bed, or a verse, be intentional about what you hang up. You can create your own with stencils & paint, or find something that speaks to your family!

We want so much more than just pretty spaces. Lively homes are better in our books.

-Truth & Co Team


Be Right There In It.

Hey y'all, It's Kat, I'm part of the Truth & Co Team!
We are going to be sharing quite a bit of fun things on our blog about design, but true to our our mission and heart we want to help you think on things that are good and remember what matters most at the end of the day. 

There is just something about sweet summertime.

Memories flood my mind just seeing that word.
The smells of lathered on sunscreen, the sounds of tree frogs at night, and the taste of homemade key lime pie.

It’s a season even now in the midst of adult life/working where there’s a sense of rest, exciting happenings, and the excuse to stay up a little later than norm.

As I was browsing Pinterest the other day in search for inspiration for some projects, a few words caught my eye. More for a laugh, but I loved them - “watch more sunsets than Netflix.”

These seasons of life truly pass by so quickly. These moments, these memories, are right now and that’s it.

Set down the phone. Step outside.

See more this summer. Don’t miss the sunsets. Don’t miss the laughter from your kids playing in the pool.  Be right there in it.


My parent’s sold my childhood home last spring. I would give just about anything to step back into a summer moment in that backyard, by our pool.

Sitting under the stars, wrapped in a towel with a lime flavored popsicle, staying up way past my bedtime with the sounds of the Georgia summer as the backdrop.

With my Dad being a fire-fighter, he was on a three day on, two day off schedule. When he got to be home, on a summer day he'd cut the grass and then do a massive cannonball into the pool to cool off. We'd all jump in, and listen to his request of George Jones and Waylon Jennings. 

Those memories are treasures. Simple and sweet. 

Ten years from now you won’t wish you would have spent more time scrolling feeds, or watching Netflix. You’ll just want one more moment in the backyard of your childhood home.

-- kat

*Find out more about Kat and the T&C team HERE!



Darnell Party of 6

She is here...
Adeline Honor Darnell!!!!

Actually, she got here 14 weeks ago... but as we suspected, a family of 4 kids, was going to take some major adjusting and squeeze out certain luxuries.  Like having time to blog about it!

Nonetheless, she's here and healthy and we continue to be in awe of this new season (again).

So once again, as you can maybe imagine, we rarely sleep.
I'm busy trying to find room somewhere, that doesn't exist, to try and stuff more clothes and toys and towels and basically EVERYTHING.

Casey is busy keeping the dishes and clothes washed on repeat and trying to figure out what vacation travel looks like now with us using all available seats in our van and no where to put luggage.
Hello trailer hitch!

The girls seem to have adjusted better than we hoped.
The luster and awe of a new sister is once again quickly replaced by the non-luster of blow out diapers and mom and dad not being as available as they were.

So we are finding our new norm so to speak and new routine as the Darnell party of 6.
Which is all in all... Lovely and amazing... and messy and exhausting... and we LOVE it.

In all this however, Truth & Co. hasn't missed a beat.
We've hired new team members and we're rockin and rolling with many fun and new renovations underway, which is super exciting!

Fun fact: We were just in all 3 Better Homes & Gardens magazines!
We'll share those in another post, but the girls love pointing at our kitchen when we are checking out at Publix :)

In addition, there are a few other things coming up that we can't wait to share with you.
So stay tuned!

For now... here are some pics our good friend Sara D. Harper took for us!







Well it's been almost 1 year since we launched Truth & Co... hard to believe!  And it's also been a while since we posted here, but all for good reasons.  We hadn't barely hit the ground running before June hit and we found out we would once again be adding a new addition to our family!

We were a little in shock to be honest as we couldn't imagine life being more full than it already was... but a couple blinks later, here we are and expecting another little girl in a few weeks!

We titled this post #4 because... well... we can't decide on a name for #4.

Naming a human is no small thing and maybe being our last journey with pregnancy (that's right, we done!) we are feeling the pressure but at the same time, we don't want to rush it. 

Ava Truth, Rosalin Grace, Eleanor Love and.... ????  I guess we'll figure it out before we leave the hospital :)

Meanwhile, in 2016, we also added 4 team members!!!!  Leigh Anne, Hillary, Sarah and Kat!  You can read more about them in "The Team" section of this site, but they are AMAZING, super talented and we couldn't be more excited to have them as part of this journey. 

We also launched our first product, a pennant, to help remind us what the season is all about!  It's in our SHOP section and we can't wait to add more there in the months ahead.

But while these exciting things have been developing, I won't lie, it's been one of the hardest, most challenging years of our lives.  Everything that is new and wonderful, also comes with it's need for time and attention... drawing from the same 24 hour pool as all the other important and wonderful things.  So in this season, while we've learned a lot, I'm constantly reminded, these are the times when we actually grow.  So as I reflect on 2016, above all, my heart floods with gratefulness.  Sure, my back hurts and I'm a little exhausted, but my heart is full and I believe the future is as bright as can be!

So, thanks to you all for following along, your prayers and patience and friendship... 

2017 is sure to have its share of surprises but with hope, we plan to make the most of it...

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy... think about such things"


Photo Oct 05, 7 19 24 PM (1).jpg

Let's Build A Playhouse

We did it!  Whew!  And if we're honest, this project was one of those "Yeah we want to do that" but for some reason, not sure we would get around to it.  

I'm so glad we did.  Which we couldn't have if it wasn't for our family's help!!!

There are some really good designs out there so we modified them to fit our needs.  Here is our very rough sketch to show what we drew out and then how it became reality!  Feel free to use or adapt to your own design... in total we spent less than $1000 on supplies.

The girls really wanted 2 story but we decided to shrink it down last minute for safety.  All I could picture is Eleanor (18 month old) hanging off the edge for dear life...

It really was such a fun project though with the girls getting involved, from coming to 1 of the 20 trips we took to Home Depot to helping count screws.  And it brought the family together which is always a great thing!  The girls imaginations are coming alive with a "Chick-fil-a" drive through and the front deck being a stage for performances!

As soon as the wood cures, we will still stain the walls white, stain the base and paint the shutters.  Next up is curtains, marquee letters and lighting! 

This is just the beginning for "Camp Wonder." :)

Purpose Behind The Passion

Like any mom, I dreamed about my little girl's rooms long before they were born. The colors and clothes, the crib and furniture I would choose and how to make it feel like "Baby Land" from the movie Father of the Bride 2.

I pictured us reading together, snuggling and playing and mostly just a room filled with joy.

Moment's like this one with Eleanor giggling her little heart out! (pic courtesy of Katie Jones, one of our fantastic babysitters)

So here comes the confession...

What Inspired The Name

6 months ago Ava and I were doing watercolor paintings. She did this one of her middle name "Truth", along with her other 2 sisters middle names.  We had been trying to come up with a name for our new family business, inspired by our girls, and this got our wheels turning!

Casey & I often talk about how important and purposeful this job of design/decorating can be, as someone who helps create the backdrop for the precious memories a family will make.  And when I think about what I do, one of my greatest joys over the years has been helping families adorn their home in things that are true and lovely and praiseworthy (Phil. 4:8).  

I have loved refinishing furniture pieces, sewing my own pillows with special "things" on them, painting art and word lettering, creating bunting and more.  While my kids nap and my husband is working on music, I'm out in the garage tinkering, playing with textiles and making things. 

So, in addition to design work, I've wanted to have a company as a place to create and sell childrens t-shirts, home decor items, and encourage a family to take pride in their space with tips and ideas.  A wedding date on a pillow, or a child's shirt that reminds them they are fearfully and wonderfully made... all things that are good & TRUE!

And there it was, however, since music and design and home don’t naturally scream business idea, it took a minute to figure out what we were, but somehow we finally rested in the mix.

It’s who we are.  Resting in the truth of our Savior. Resting in what we love most, being together and sharing his love through our gifts.

And that's the new dream, one that will eventually involve the whole family, because in all of Casey and I's creative endeavors through the years, for us, "Family is the dream!"

Because realize above all, we want these things to exist in our home first, where we are making our own family memories with 3 little girls...  our own little Truth & Co.

Phil 4:8 artwork created by "Between You & Me Signs"

Phil 4:8 artwork created by "Between You & Me Signs"


You may be asking yourself… “Found?”  What did you find?

Well, I’m excited to introduce you to the part of this site where I’ll be sharing my thoughts and discoveries on things i’ve “Found” out! Get it? :)

Some times I will have stuff for sale here until I get the store up and running (super excited!) Other times maybe a tip or 2 that I’ve learned along the way to help you at home.

I’m not a blogger. So this won’t be that.

But if there’s something I want to share, this will be the place for that! Paint colors I love, maybe a sale I discovered or some encouragement for you as you sit in your own space at home scratching your head with what to do next.

I have some big hopes and dreams for Truth & Co. and this found space, including things I want to have for sale that we will be creating in our own home, so this really is just the beginning!

I’ll keep unpacking this site in the days ahead, so make sure to sign up/subscribe via the emailer (coming soon) and follow on Instagram!

@truthandcompany and  @AnisaDarnell

My next post: Where did the name “Truth & Co." come from? 

Can’t wait to share that - but for now, thanks again for checking us out!