You may be asking yourself… “Found?”  What did you find?

Well, I’m excited to introduce you to the part of this site where I’ll be sharing my thoughts and discoveries on things i’ve “Found” out! Get it? :)

Some times I will have stuff for sale here until I get the store up and running (super excited!) Other times maybe a tip or 2 that I’ve learned along the way to help you at home.

I’m not a blogger. So this won’t be that.

But if there’s something I want to share, this will be the place for that! Paint colors I love, maybe a sale I discovered or some encouragement for you as you sit in your own space at home scratching your head with what to do next.

I have some big hopes and dreams for Truth & Co. and this found space, including things I want to have for sale that we will be creating in our own home, so this really is just the beginning!

I’ll keep unpacking this site in the days ahead, so make sure to sign up/subscribe via the emailer (coming soon) and follow on Instagram!

@truthandcompany and  @AnisaDarnell

My next post: Where did the name “Truth & Co." come from? 

Can’t wait to share that - but for now, thanks again for checking us out!