Let's Build A Playhouse

We did it!  Whew!  And if we're honest, this project was one of those "Yeah we want to do that" but for some reason, not sure we would get around to it.  

I'm so glad we did.  Which we couldn't have if it wasn't for our family's help!!!

There are some really good designs out there so we modified them to fit our needs.  Here is our very rough sketch to show what we drew out and then how it became reality!  Feel free to use or adapt to your own design... in total we spent less than $1000 on supplies.


The girls really wanted 2 story but we decided to shrink it down last minute for safety.  All I could picture is Eleanor (18 month old) hanging off the edge for dear life...

It really was such a fun project though with the girls getting involved, from coming to 1 of the 20 trips we took to Home Depot to helping count screws.  And it brought the family together which is always a great thing!  The girls imaginations are coming alive with a "Chick-fil-a" drive through and the front deck being a stage for performances!

As soon as the wood cures, we will still stain the walls white, stain the base and paint the shutters.  Next up is curtains, marquee letters and lighting! 

This is just the beginning for "Camp Wonder." :)