Purpose Behind The Passion

Like any mom, I dreamed about my little girl's rooms long before they were born. The colors and clothes, the crib and furniture I would choose and how to make it feel like "Baby Land" from the movie Father of the Bride 2.

I pictured us reading together, snuggling and playing and mostly just a room filled with joy.

Moment's like this one with Eleanor giggling her little heart out! (pic courtesy of Katie Jones, one of our fantastic babysitters)

So here comes the confession: All the passion I have for preparing and presentation and tidiness... and sometimes just putting your clothes away PLEASE... can sometimes rob me of the reason I dreamed up and created the space!

Like preparing a BIG feast for a holiday, only to not sit down and enjoy the meal myself!!  Know what I mean?

But at the end of the day, creating spaces to enjoy moment’s like this is truly what it’s all about!  

Again, I’m guilty of forgetting this myself more than I’d care to admit, but my point here is: whatever your work, don’t miss the purpose behind your passion!

It's the heart behind the cute little motto or mission statement Casey and I came up with on the front page of the website, to serve as a reminder for us and hopefully inspire others as well.

The days are few and they are going by fast, so as Truth & Co. grows, we pray we are able to keep all of this in focus!

"The Spaces You Create Are The Backdrop Of The Memories You Will Make"

So make them GREAT!