Darnell Party of 6

She is here...
Adeline Honor Darnell!!!!

Actually, she got here 14 weeks ago... but as we suspected, a family of 4 kids, was going to take some major adjusting and squeeze out certain luxuries.  Like having time to blog about it!

Nonetheless, she's here and healthy and we continue to be in awe of this new season (again).

So once again, as you can maybe imagine, we rarely sleep.
I'm busy trying to find room somewhere, that doesn't exist, to try and stuff more clothes and toys and towels and basically EVERYTHING.

Casey is busy keeping the dishes and clothes washed on repeat and trying to figure out what vacation travel looks like now with us using all available seats in our van and no where to put luggage.
Hello trailer hitch!

The girls seem to have adjusted better than we hoped.
The luster and awe of a new sister is once again quickly replaced by the non-luster of blow out diapers and mom and dad not being as available as they were.

So we are finding our new norm so to speak and new routine as the Darnell party of 6.
Which is all in all... Lovely and amazing... and messy and exhausting... and we LOVE it.

In all this however, Truth & Co. hasn't missed a beat.
We've hired new team members and we're rockin and rolling with many fun and new renovations underway, which is super exciting!

Fun fact: We were just in all 3 Better Homes & Gardens magazines!
We'll share those in another post, but the girls love pointing at our kitchen when we are checking out at Publix :)

In addition, there are a few other things coming up that we can't wait to share with you.
So stay tuned!

For now... here are some pics our good friend Sara D. Harper took for us!