Be Right There In It.

Hey y'all, It's Kat, I'm part of the Truth & Co Team!
We are going to be sharing quite a bit of fun things on our blog about design, but true to our our mission and heart we want to help you think on things that are good and remember what matters most at the end of the day. 

There is just something about sweet summertime.

Memories flood my mind just seeing that word.
The smells of lathered on sunscreen, the sounds of tree frogs at night, and the taste of homemade key lime pie.

It’s a season even now in the midst of adult life/working where there’s a sense of rest, exciting happenings, and the excuse to stay up a little later than norm.

As I was browsing Pinterest the other day in search for inspiration for some projects, a few words caught my eye. More for a laugh, but I loved them - “watch more sunsets than Netflix.”

These seasons of life truly pass by so quickly. These moments, these memories, are right now and that’s it.

Set down the phone. Step outside.

See more this summer. Don’t miss the sunsets. Don’t miss the laughter from your kids playing in the pool.  Be right there in it.


My parent’s sold my childhood home last spring. I would give just about anything to step back into a summer moment in that backyard, by our pool.

Sitting under the stars, wrapped in a towel with a lime flavored popsicle, staying up way past my bedtime with the sounds of the Georgia summer as the backdrop.

With my Dad being a fire-fighter, he was on a three day on, two day off schedule. When he got to be home, on a summer day he'd cut the grass and then do a massive cannonball into the pool to cool off. We'd all jump in, and listen to his request of George Jones and Waylon Jennings. 

Those memories are treasures. Simple and sweet. 

Ten years from now you won’t wish you would have spent more time scrolling feeds, or watching Netflix. You’ll just want one more moment in the backyard of your childhood home.

-- kat

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