Kid Lively vs. Kid Friendly Homes

Our homes are not display cases of pretty things. Of course we love beautiful items, but homes are where real life happens. Where families come together, and memories are created.

You always hear the term “kid-friendly” added onto things. Almost like it’s never really about the kids, but only to make them feel like they can be a part. We want to go beyond that for the family, and create kid lively spaces, because they need to thrive within these walls too.

We’ve compiled some simple tips on how to create this within your own home:

1 - In a main living space where your family spends the most time, create a spot where your kids can have a desk space. A great area for homework, crafts, and to store supplies. You can place it behind a sofa as a console table, or create a built in desk at a window area.

2 - Choose furniture that is not too precious to be able to enjoy. Slipcovered sofas are pretty amazing for kiddos. We recommend fabric blends, as they can be a bit easier to clean.

A little mess comes out in a wash or with upholstery cleaner. (shamelss plug, our favorite is this Murchison Hume one.)



We also love distressed textures for places like coffee tables. It’s great for games, markers, & eating.  Real life only adds to the character! 

This one pictured is from Restoration Hardware, unfortunately it is discontinued. But we also love this rustic wood coffee table. 



3- Use lounge style comfy seating in different nooks and spaces throughout the home. It gives them a go to spot to watch a movie or read a book. Comfy beanbags, poufs, & cushions give them their own cozy spaces.

4. Fill the walls with encouraging & life giving words and signage. They will grow up reading these words. Whether it’s something special you tell them when they go to bed, or a verse, be intentional about what you hang up. You can create your own with stencils & paint, or find something that speaks to your family!

We want so much more than just pretty spaces. Lively homes are better in our books.

-Truth & Co Team