A Day In The Life Of Truth & Co.


We recently took our Instagram friends (@TruthandCoDesign) on a tour of our work day… and it was fun to say the least!
Enough comments and requests came in to see it again, that we figured we could share it here.
In all honesty, it was a part time job just trying to capture the FULL time job!
So while we had many asking to do that more often, we also have to get some REAL work done :)

So for now, until we share more days coming, here is the spliced together video of that random Tuesday’s events.

Overview of the day:

  • visited Reclamation wood co, (custom wood furniture) for checking on some projects.

  • site visit to NoFo brewery to measure, measure, measure and make design decisions.

  • visit a custom home project to check on pavers, wood floors, measure for furniture and so much more!

Check it out!
And as always, as you’re following our journey, we’d love to be a part of yours with your project and help deliver YOU the confidence you need for a beautiful home without all the stressful decision making and SAVE YOU on costly errors like we’ve done so many others!
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