What Inspired The Name

6 months ago Ava and I were doing watercolor paintings. She did this one of her middle name "Truth", along with her other 2 sisters middle names.  We had been trying to come up with a name for our new family business, inspired by our girls, and this got our wheels turning!

Casey & I often talk about how important and purposeful this job of design/decorating can be, as someone who helps create the backdrop for the precious memories a family will make.  And when I think about what I do, one of my greatest joys over the years has been helping families adorn their home in things that are true and lovely and praiseworthy (Phil. 4:8).  

I have loved refinishing furniture pieces, sewing my own pillows with special "things" on them, painting art and word lettering, creating bunting and more.  While my kids nap and my husband is working on music, I'm out in the garage tinkering, playing with textiles and making things. 

So, in addition to design work, I've wanted to have a company as a place to create and sell childrens t-shirts, home decor items, and encourage a family to take pride in their space with tips and ideas.  A wedding date on a pillow, or a child's shirt that reminds them they are fearfully and wonderfully made... all things that are good & TRUE!

And there it was, however, since music and design and home don’t naturally scream business idea, it took a minute to figure out what we were, but somehow we finally rested in the mix.

It’s who we are.  Resting in the truth of our Savior. Resting in what we love most, being together and sharing his love through our gifts.

And that's the new dream, one that will eventually involve the whole family, because in all of Casey and I's creative endeavors through the years, for us, "Family is the dream!"

Because realize above all, we want these things to exist in our home first, where we are making our own family memories with 4 little girls...  our own little Truth & Co.

Phil 4:8 artwork created by  "Between You & Me Signs"

Phil 4:8 artwork created by "Between You & Me Signs"