Practical vs. Pretty

When we said "I do" it began.

What began you ask?

The saga... one ring to rule them all... What She Wants vs. What He Wants. 

It usually starts out in the beginning, all fun-loving with little compromises that don't rock the boat too much.
But eventually, along the pathway of decisions, the tension starts to grow.

This is never more evident than on the home front.
And what we've seen through the years, both in our own home and in so many of our clients, is how the delicate dance/battle of finding a peaceful resolution can be VERY challenging.

Lets keep it 100.  Woman and Men tend to see things VERY differently.
"Ding-ding-ding we have a winner!!"
And even if one half of the couple is less vocal, they still have an opinion, that will often lay dormant, until the moment a problem surfaces at which time they choose to reveal what they always felt all along.... "I knew that wouldn't work!" - "I never liked that!" - "I can't believe we bought that!"  

So, in an effort to add some value to all our lives and offer some helpful "safe zone" solutions, we wanted to begin a series of posts.  Practical vs. Pretty.
Or occasionally we may call it Functional vs. Fashionable.
We're still arguing about which title is best :)

These posts will share a PROBLEM or an option, followed by a hopeful SOLUTION or TIP to try at home.
We've got quite a few examples we've learned along the way that we think will be helpful.

So now that we've established our agenda and hopefully some ground rules, we want to kick this off with some questions that we hear a lot and then we want YOU to post some questions we can help answer on our blog in future posts.

Lets begin shall we...

TV over the fire place - or - don't you dare?
Where does the microwave go?
Where should I put my vitamix?  (insert your counter top appliance)
Paint my walls white... what about the kids?
And speaking of kids... what about the sofa... what color?  Cream?  Seriously?

Be sure to post your questions below in comment section!